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Finding serial number and movement on a Seiko watch and how.

Seiko is one of the few fully integrated watch manufactures. We design and develop our own movements using leading-edge technology. Register your watch for an additional 1-year U.S. warranty (for purchases made on Your three year U.S. warranty protection is automatically in effect with the purchase of your Seiko Timepiece. In the event your timepiece requires service, please visit.

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Quick view. Seiko Crystal SBDX001 SBDX017. Genuine Seiko Crystal for Prospex Marinemaster SBDX001, SBDX017 part number 310W49H20A. $95.00. Quick view. SEIKO Bezel 7S26-0050 SKX023 SKX025 SKX027 Red/Blue. Original Seiko Red/Blue Bezel for case 7S26-0050 (also available in Black part # 8601-467A) Seiko part # 8601-467B For Model #s SKX023 SKX025.

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Steps To Valuing Your Seiko Watch 1. Find The Serial Number On Your Seiko Watch. On Seiko watches, you can easily figure out the serial number. Check the case backs of your Seiko watch, you'll see a 6- to 7-character serial number. The second character of the numbers might be a letter but as long as the rest are numbers, you have nothing to fear.

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Very beautiful vintage Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7191 with 25 jewels movement. According to the serial number and old Seiko catalog it was made in December of 1972. Made in: Japan, Suwa factory Watch case: steel case showing signs of use since 1972. but still beautiful.

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When checking a watch’s authenticity, it is also helpful to double check the model and serial numbers on the watch. This chart will allow you to cross-reference the model number on the watch you’re looking at with the official model number codes that the brand uses so that you can authenticate your watch. Seiko watches known for the higher quality and durability, is one of the most desired watch bands.The vintage collection of these watches has also made a trend in the life of the wearer. As time is passing by, it will not be wrong to say that the wish for having a vintage Seiko has been rising tremendously. However, the admirers are struggling with the vintage Seiko watch price guide. Grand Seiko is updating its tentpole dive watch today, adding the Spring Drive caliber 9RA5 into a serial production dive watch for the first time since it debuted in 2020's 700-piece limited edition SLGA001.The new Spring Drive Diver SLGA015 comes in a high-intensity titanium case that utilizes Grand Seiko's new Evolution 9 form factor, an expansion of Grand Seiko's original all-time classic.

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Verify the Serial Numbers; Verifying the serial number (comprised of six digits) means it should match the model number. Engravings on the case, movement, and bracelet should also match with those on authentic Seiko watches. Reference numbers of Seiko watches are commonly found on the caseback bearing the case code and the movement. Seiko watch bands to replace or repair your old Seiko watch strap. Seiko straps for Pro Diver Models or Honda Sportura. We also carry metal and nylon Seiko Straps. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu. 818-881-7222 Search. Seiko watches have a 6 or 7 character serial number on their casebacks. The second character can be a letter but the rest are all numbers. You can use the Seiko serial number in conjunction with the movement number to calculate the year of manufacture.

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At that time Seiko mens watches had model numbers beginning with SB, so it is not surprising that the prefix SBGS was selected for the initial Grand Seiko models. In 1990 when the first ladies Grand Seiko models were introduced, some regular Seiko ladies model numbers began with ST, so unsurprisingly the first ladies Grand Seiko series was the. The model number is located on the case back, noted in two 4-digit segments. Here are some examples. Model No. A708-5000, 1984 – 1988 Model No. M158-5000, 1977 – 1979 Model No. 6117-6400, 1969 – 1976 Serial Number Decoder Share Link The serial number is found on the case back and should be an 6-digit or 7-digit sequence of numbers and/or letters.

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A model number is the specific reference number given by Seiko to a specific watch with a specific combination of movement, case, dial, colour, finish, strap/bracelet and so on. – An example of a model number is SKX009K2 (which refers to the classic SKX009 diver's watch with dark blue dial, pepsi bezel, on jubilee bracelet). The red glass on the reverse side of the watch features Brian May's signature and the words Limited Edition in golden paint, and an engraved serial number 00001/12500 on the metal. The watch is powered by Seiko's in-house automatic calibre 4R36 with its 3Hz balance, stop seconds, magnetic resistance to 4,800 A/m and a somewhat limited power.

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The number on the Seiko case back consists of one number, a hyphen, and then an additional number. Both of these consist of four digits. These are not the serial number. The serial number contains six digits and can also be found on the case back. Each Seiko watch has a serial number that is unique to that exact watch. The Breitling watch range includes Avenger, Aviator, Navitimer, Superocean and the recent Premier series. All Breitling watches come with the official Breitling warranty card (with QR code), activated by the authorised Breitling dealer just prior to delivery, showing the model number and serial number of your new watch. For sure, any Seikoholic or even regular watch enthusiast can tell you that the brand offers numerous dive watches in its extensive catalog, such as the Seiko Prospex, but no model can be as exquisite as its Seiko 6309-7290/7049 version. Although there's no longer refreshed version of it after its production had stopped in 1988, its vintage.

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Seiko watches use a 6 or 7 digit serial number stamped on the caseback. This serial number contains digits indicating the date. The first digit translates to the year and the second shows the month. As only 1 digit is used for the year this will only show you the last digit of the year, the decade cannot be found from the serial number, more on this later.

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As Edric Dy explained, to be a member of the GS9 Club, one must own a GS watch purchased from one of the brand boutiques or authorized dealers, on or after March 23, 2017. One registers via the model number, the individual serial number, and case back number. Available in a Limited Edition of 3,000, with the serial number engraved on each King Seiko emblem caseback, this landmark version of one of Seiko's first luxury watches reflects the majestic lines of the original, with a slightly larger screwback case as well as an upgraded thin automatic movement and box-shaped sapphire crystal with anti. Value checking list / battery no. cross-reference chart 2011. march. 2013. march.

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Seiko watches made prior to the late 1960s, most probably 1967 have 7-digit serial numbers instead. Limited edition models with unique sequenced numbering, e.g. 123/300 (denoting the 123rd piece out of a total of 300 pieces) usually don’t have serial numbers.

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Deciphering SEIKO Part Numbers, Model Numbers, Case Codes and Serial Numbers FOR MOST VINTAGE SEIKOS, NOT JUST WORLD TIMERS; Model Specific Articles. The First Mechanical Seiko World Time, The 6217-7000 The Last Mechanical Seiko World Time, The 6117-6400 and 6117-6409. Enter your seiko serial number and find out when your watch was made as well as get links to manuals and info. SERIAL-NUMBER-DECODER.CO.UK. The Seiko serial number database Details of the Seiko movement database Below is live information about the current Seiko movement database, it is updated regularly (scroll to the bottom to see last updated.

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Acces PDF Seiko Watch Guide WatchSleuth – Seiko Date Finder Seiko watches have a 6 or 7 character serial number on their casebacks. The second character can be a letter but the rest are all numbers. You can use the Seiko serial number in conjunction with the movement number to calculate the year of manufacture. Although the watch box and instruction manual can easily be imitated, the Seiko watch international warranty is unique. It contains an original serial number for a particular Seiko watch. Finally, Seiko watches are sold in authorized dealers and retailer stores all over the world. The watch parts are also guaranteed original in these stores. Look at the serial number. The first digit of the serial number represents the year within the decade (for example, if your watch was made in 1995, the serial number would begin with a 5). The second digit represents the month. The numbers 1-9 stand for the months January-September, with O for October, N for November and D for December.

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