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Stardew Maru is one of the best spouses in Stardew Valley. She is quite a genius and she enjoys talking about technology, so you will always have something interesting to talk about. You will often find Maru working with her dad Demetrius (or she might be with Harvey at the clinic), so you know that she dedicates her time for important things. Regarding the Stardew Valley Expanded cutscene with Maru, I only had two questions. The first one about the circumference of the circle is 2 meters, not the squared one if there is one. The second one, if I remember correctly is about stuff to do with the periodic table, the answer is 0.24 atm. Maru – Stardew Valley Wiki Maru is a villager who lives in The Mountains north of Pelican Town. She's one of the twelve characters available to marry. Reactions: iridium quality, Magically Clueless, estewanini and 1 other person. estewanini Sodbuster.

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Answers to Maru's Homework. For the question about the area of a circle, the answer is two meters squared per minute. For the question about partial pressure of CO2, the answer is 0.24 atmospheres…. Stardew Valley Expanded Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.. One of Stardew Valley’s most underrated marriage candidates is Maru, who is smart as a whip as well as charismatic.A brilliant inventor, part-time nurse, and great friend, Maru is the perfect woman to romance and eventually marry. Maru lives with her parents Demetrius and Robin, as well as her half-brother Sebastianwho is Robin’s son. She has a strained relationship with Sebastian and wishes they were closer. Maru works for Harveyat the clinic, and both worry that it doesn’t receive enough patients. Maru dances with Harvey at the Flower dance if nei….

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Maru – Stardew Valley Wiki – Português Maru Maru é uma das aldeãs que moram na Montanha e uma dos doze personagens disponíveis para casar. Ela mora no norte da cidade com sua família em uma casa anexada a carpintaria da Robin.

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Maru ist einer der Dorfbewohnerinnen, die in Pelikan Stadt lebt. Sie ist eine der zwölf Charaktere, die man heiraten kann. Sie lebt mit ihrer Familie im Norden der Stadt in Robins Tischler-Laden. Im Menü "Soziales" wird Marus Outfit zu einem einer Krankenschwester, während sie in der Klinik arbeitet. Maru's Wrench is an unobtainable club weapon. Maru's Wrench. From Stardew Valley Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Maru's Wrench A big, metal wrench. It smells like Maru. Information Type: Club Level: 7 Source: Unobtainable: Damage: 1-3 Critical Strike Chance:.02 Stats.

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Stardew Valley – Maru; Guide and Tips. Maru is a young scientist whose future seems to be very bright as she seems to be one of the smartest people in Stardew Valley. She is the daughter of Robin and Demetrius and it is obvious that she gets her scientific spirit from her father who is also a scientist. She also has a half-brother named. A Note On The Calendar In Stardew Valley. Day-to-day life in Stardew Valley turns to year-to-year life, as seasons change and crops come and go. To simulate long seasons on a small scale, the game uses a 112-day year. Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring all take up 28 days each.

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Maru is a quiet girl who lives with her parents in the mountains. She is arguably the most intelligent marriage candidate in Stardew Valley, and has a heartwarming route that is a perfect romantic journey for your time in the Valley. Maru is like her dad and loves to create, and is a fan of observing the stars. ATTEMPTED Maru Cosplay from Stardew Valley. Cosplay. 1 / 3. Yesterday after realizing the similar fit I used to wear unironically in a robotics class 4 years ago pre-Stardew, I decided to genuinely cosplay Maru!😭. 361 comments. 91% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Log In Sign Up. Reaching six hearts with Maru will trigger an event when entering the mountain on a sunny day, between 9 pm and 11:40 pm. Maru is looking through her telescope and wants you to look through it and see the stars. Selecting the dialogue ''A beautiful planet.'' will increase your friendship by 30 points.

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Maru will show you her new robot who will ask for freedom because it turns out it’s interested in searching for other synthetic life-forms. Demetrius will come in and say that you certainly are a good choice for Maru. As for marriage, Stardew Valley implies giving Maru Mermaids Pendant. Just do it, and she will say yes! Contents [ show]. Stardew Valley Content Patcher…. Sebastian and Robin become demons, while Maru and Demetrius are patchwork dolls. Elliott, of course, is a merman. Backpacks & Baubles. Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, stardew valley maru, was posted by sirspider32.

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12. Leah. Image via Proprietary Engine. Leah is one of the more popular romance options in Stardew Valley, and it's easy to see why. She's creative, loves nature, and has great hair. But for. Got bored of original characters in Stardew Valley? In that case, character modifications is a must-have improvement in a game with highly enhanced social possibilities. As all characters have very different personalities, you can easily change their looks as you wish. Find your desired character mod, download it and follow the installation instructions to install it..

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Our Stardew Valley Penny guide will tip you off about all of her heart events and the best gifts to give her, so you can earn her friendship, or even her hand in marriage. You can give Penny up to two gifts per week, plus an additional one on her birthday (Fall 2), so try and stick to her loved items if you want to win her over.

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Maru Maturity: Low Competency: High Character: Medium Gives You: Bombs, Crab Cakes, and rarely, a Warp Totem: Farm Maru is Stardew Valley’s resident tinkerer, nurse, and all-around sweetheart, which makes sense for the child of the local carpenter and botanist.

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Features. Create the farm of your dreams: Turn your overgrown fields into a lively and bountiful farm! Learn to live off the land: Raise animals, go fishing, tend to crops, craft items, or do it all! The choice is yours… Become a part of the local community: Pelican Town is home to over 30 residents you can befriend! Meet someone special: With 12 townsfolk to date, you may even find someone.

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In the open-ended country life RPG Stardew Valley, you've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. ESRB.

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Strange Cutscene. So…I'm going for Harvey as a spouse. I have 7 hearts with him, 5 with Demetrius, 3 with Robin and 2 with Maru. I just walked into Robin, Demetrius and Maru's house to move some farm buildings and I got a bizarre cutscene where Demetrius and Maru were testing some soil. Maru asked me to watch her beaker while she went off to. Maru Replacer. Check Out This Mod. I don't know about you, but I've always loved learning about beta content in games and finding ways to access it, even just for curiosity. While most of the Stardew Valley beta content is gone forever, there is a way to restore the bachelorette Maru to her beta version.

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